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Adult Mini Aussies For Sale

These special adult aussies are available to special homes.
Please give me a call at 706-202-2794 if interested in one of these wonderful pets

Granite City Blue Daisy
Whelped: 06/19/2013
'Daisy' is ASDR registered
She is a blue merle with two blue eyes.
Daisy is 13 inches tall and a large toy/small mini. Daisy has a delightful personality & loves to catch the Frisbee!
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SaddleBrook's Cleo of Granite City
Whelped: 03/15/2013

'Cleo' is registered with ASDR. She is a red merle with one blue eye and one green eye. She is 11 inches tall and a toy. She has been spayed. Fun loving and gets along well with others. Just a delightful dog to have around. Will fetch the frisbee a few times but not consistently.


Whelped: March 29, 2012

He is 15 inches tall, weighs, 40 pounds. Neutered, black tri male, with one blue eye. Brewer excels in obedience. He has completed the beginners class in agility and loves it! Ready to move on to the next agility class. He has a wonderful disposition. Loves children and water!

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