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Testimonials Mini Aussies Sold at Granite City Ranch

"Manny weighed 7.2lbs at his 4 month vet checkup! Loves to play and chase the ball. Will sit, shake, high five and knows when to "go get in your bed". He is a good dog!"... Jon ... February 2018

"Just wanted you to know how much we love these two (Cowboy & Daisy). They are the sweetest, smartest and most lovable dogs I have ever known. Thank you for sharing them with us. We just love them so, so much!!"... Deborah ... September 2015

"We took Miller on his first big adventure this past week. I took a nursing assignment in Los Angeles. On our way out here we stopped in Sedona for some hiking. Miller, of course, stole the show. We couldn't walk 10 feet without someone ohhhing and ahhhing. We were proud parents, and he definitely is the highlight of our days. "...
Chandra ... August 2015

"He is my pride and joy and I love him to death! I have severe anxiety and he senses when an episode is coming on. He is spoiled rotten. He has a light up halloween shirt (I need to get pictures of him in it!). He loves his frisbee and has amazing jumps!"...
Brooke ... August 2015

"Jasper is still a little thing ... He weighs 13lbs. now ... Has a fit if I go anywhere. Love him dearly!!"...
Melinda M ... August 2013

"We named him Jack and we are loving him so much. He is such a smart boy with a wonderful personality.".....
Susan W....July 2013

"Oliver and Tate ...They are so smart ... don't know what we would do without them. We love them both so much!! ".....
Elizabeth H....July 2013

"OMG! She is a love bug! So good and sweet!".....
Lela....June 2013

"Cowboy is eating and sleeping good. We are amazed at how smart he is...already goes outdoors to do his business".....
Deborah H....June 2013

"She is a dream baby...She has started on her 2nd obedience class and is a star!! ".....
Chawn...January 2013

"She dances and jumps around like a jazz dancer...Can't imagine not having her around.... Love, Love, Love her!! "..... Paula L., Dec., 2012

"Stella is doing great! Started training classes...She came to the office with me today"....
Waylon H. November 2012

"Just wanted to let you know that she is rotten but loved. So many people compliment her .. she is so pretty".....Melisa 01/16/2012

"Hemi - he is doing great. Super spoiled! He loves sleeping with us".....Amanda 09/16/2011

"She is so smart! She knows sit, lay down, crawl, shake hands and roll over. Didn't take her more than a few times with each to pick them up! We are very happy with her!"....Shari 09/08/2011

"We love Dooley and Trooper. They are great dogs. I don't know what we would do if we did not have them in our lives.... Thank you so much for such great dogs".....Kelly, 08/24/2011

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