Granite City Ranch

We love animals. They are our passion! We have been raising beautiful, kind, loving miniature and toy Australian shepherds for many years now in addition to commercial cattle.

We were introduced to the Miniature Australian shephard and fell in love with them. They have all the personality & intelligence of the full size Aussie in a small package.

If you don't know about the miniature Australian Shepherd here are a few interesting points.

  • They are easy going, perpetual puppies that love to play.
  • They are courageous, loyal, and affectionate.
  • They love children because children are active like the Aussie.
  • They are very lively, agile, attentive, and eager to please. You must give an Aussie a job to do - they are not couch potatoes. They like to be active and become easily bored.
  • They excel in agility classes.
  • Also, They work!

Our goal is to raise happy, healthy miniature Australian shepherds for you and your family to enjoy. We want you to be happy with your puppy and want the puppy to be happy with you. These little guys will be forever members of your family so we take this very serious. We do this because we love these dogs and want to help you add a loving family member to your family.

God Blesses us in so many ways. May you be blessed today.

Our Mini Aussies are between 14" and 18" at the shoulder and weigh between 17 - 30 pounds. We do not guarantee the size of any puppy. We can only give the size of the parents. Some puppies may mature larger or smaller than their parents. Occasionally we have a few toy puppies in our litters.

Our puppies can be registered in the American Stock Dog Registry. We do have a "Guaranteed puppy list" for future puppies. Please contact us to be added to the list or for more information.

All our pups are sold. Fall puppies expected!

We have a few beautiful Adults Available For Sale as pets or full registration.

We welcome any questions you may have.

To LOOK is to FALL in LOVE

We are conveniently located in Elberton, GA.
1 1/2 hours from Atlanta, GA or Greenville, SC.

Granite City Ranch
Elberton, GA
Phone: (706) 202-2794

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