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One of the beautiful aspects about the beef industry is the wide genetic base on which it is built. Though breeds such as Angus dominate the industry, there is still an underlying need for genetic diversity. Here at Granite City Ranch, we are founded on the principle of offering exotic & novelty breeds that may be used by operations for their own foundation genetics or for the promotion of hybrid vigor within a herd built on other breed genetics.

The robust Gyr and Sardo breeds offer much to the American beef cattle industry. With high calving ease and an ability to flesh faster on lower quality forages, they can be advantageous for a lower input system. Though they reach puberty later, they often are more reproductively efficient animals due to their ability to mitigate issues with nutrition and environmental stressors more effectively than their bos Taurus counterparts. Heat, insect and disease tolerance makes this breed hardy and vigorous in warmer climates of the U.S. Though they might not fatten like many other breeds it is a trade off with a higher yielding carcass.

Though remarkably different in frame size, the White Dexter provides many of the same advantages with hardiness, reproductive efficiency and calving ease at the top of their long list of positive attributes. Their smaller frame size makes them more manageable for smaller operations and/or those seeking smaller carcass sizes and ones that tend to marble well. A dual purpose breed, the Dexter may also be used for milk on the homestead or farmstead operation. Amicable personalities and smaller size may also make them less intimidating for the beginning producer.

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