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Gyr Cattle

Gyr cattle are one of the exotic breeds used in the development of the American Brahman Breed of cattle in the USA. This breed is resistant to tropical diseases and hot temperatures.

Granite City Ranch Gyr cattle are pure Gyr. We have spent many hours locating Gyr cattle that posses the purest pedigrees.

All of our Gyr cattle are registered in the Gyr herdbook with the American Brahman Breeders Association, which we are proud members.

Herd sires
JWD Belmonte Rick Gyr
ABBA No. 948034(AI)
We have kept some of his offspring so are offering him for sale. Price is $4,250.

GCR Kenya's Maximus Pure Gyr
ABBA No. 1040979

Some of the cows.....

BSR Bamni's Flower Gyr
ABBA No. 958774

ABBA No. 895044

J-C Miss Heart 15/7
ABBA No. 966475

GCR Rosita Pure Gyr
ABBA No. 1010781

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