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Gyr Cattle For Sale

JWD Belmonte Rick Gyr
ABBA No. 948034(AI)
We have kept some of his offspring so are offering him for sale. Price is $4,250.

Miss THF Anna Belle
ABBA No. 1034528
Belle is registered in the Gyr herdbook with ABBA. She is gentle. Sells exposed - $4,200.

BWS 25 Calrese Pure Gyr
ABBA No. 947313(AI)
She sells exposed - $5,500.

GCR Mr Rocky Pure GYR
ABBA #1062794
Bull - DOB 05/22/2023
Rocky is a purebred GYR bull, registered in the GYR herdbook with ABBA - $3,500.

GCR Miss Cricket Pure GYR
ABBA #1062795
Heifer - DOB 07/05/23
Cricket is a purebred GYR heifer, registered in the GYR herdbook with ABBA. She will not be weaned until December.

JayLo Bull
Will be registered with ABBA in the GYR Herdbook
DOB 08/02/23.
This little bull has some on the best bloodlines you will find...i.e. Idioma!!

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