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Sardo Negro Cattle For Sale

we have several Sardo Negro heifers available. All are registered in the Sardo Negro herdbook with ABBA. Some have MAAS Mariachi and some are imported bloodlines.

Butler Antonio 72
ABBA No. 964168

GCR Mr Ranger Pure Sardo
ABBA #1052879
Bull - DOB 09/05/2022
Ranger is purebred Sardo. He is registered in the Sardo Negro Herdbook with ABBA. He will make an excellent herdsire. $2,500.

Mat Miss Lilac Manso (171/17)
ABBA #960000
Clara Belle is a gray Brahman. She has produced several Sardo Negro calves for us. She sells exposed to Butler Antonio. She had a beautiful Sardo heifer this year (2023). Will consider selling her and her heifer. Clara Belle $2,500. Please inquire if interested in her and her heifer calf.

Miss Marshall 0/30
ABBA # 1045041

GCR Miss Frosty Pure Sardo
ABBA #1052880
Heifer - DOB 09/19/2022
Frosty is a purebred Sardo Negro heifer calf registered in the Sardo Negro Herdbook with ABBA. She is living up to her "Frosty" name! Look at that color! She has been branded, and is up to date on wormings and vaccinations. $6,500.

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