Granite City Ranch

White Dexter Cattle

White Dexter Cattle are known for their hardiness, sweet disposition and calving ease. They are great mothers. They do well in all climates. They are perfect for small landowners because less feed is required for maintenance. The meat quality is exceptional as is their milk.

Their smaller stature makes them less intimidating than larger cattle Our cattle are 42" or less.

All of our White Dexter cattle are registered with the White Dexter Cattle Association.

Herd Sire
Hidden Hills Lawdog
WDCR No. 010549

Up and Coming Herd Sire:

GCR Milky Way's Bolt
WDCR No. 010875

Some of our cows....

Hidden Hills Penelope

Pointer Ridge Lassie

Pointer Ridge Sara

Pointer Ridge Sadie

HRR Esther Lilly

DGSF Savannah

Hidden Hills Molly

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