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White Dexter Heifers & Cows For Sale

GCR Candy (2306)
WDCA No. Pending
Heifer- DOB 10/13/23
Heterozygous polled, non chondro…$2,300

GCR Violet (2307)
WDCA No. Pending
Heifer- DOB 09/17/23
Heterozygous polled, non chondro, red tipped..$2,200

GCR Polly
WDCA No. Pending
Homozygous white, horned (we dehorned her), non chondro…$2,500

GCR Princess
WDCA No. Pending
Heifer- DOB 09/16/23
Homozygous white, heterozygous polled, chondro…$2,700

GCR Missy(2314)
WDCA No. Pending
Heifer- DOB 11/11/23
Homozygous white, horned, chondro…she is tiny!…$2,500

GCR Dolly
WDCA No. 011256
Heifer- DOB 04/05/22
Dolly is being bred to Oliver, a registered red dexter..he is homo polled, non chondro and A2A2. Dolly is Homozygous white, horned (been dehorned), non chondro. ..$3,000


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